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Development Updates

Planning and development updates are posted regularly here **add link. 

This webpage is only updated occasionally. For up-to-date status updates, go to the City of Calgary website Development Map. ***add link


  • The mixed-use St John’s on Tenth building was one of the first Transit Oriented Development projects in the community. It is 8 storeys (26m) facing 10 St and steps down to 4 and 3 storeys towards the residential community on 10A St and includes 95 residential units.

  • The Ven condo building in Sunnyside was built on an entire inner city block. It includes 115 units and is 4 storeys (16m) tall.

  • Ezra on Riley Park at 1234 5 Ave on the southern boundary of Riley Park and to the east of the HSCA and includes 100 residential units spread over two buildings and has a height of 8 storeys (26 metres).

  • The Palfreyville condo building at 214 9 St (near Vendome) includes 19 units at 4 storeys (15.4m).

  • The Lido at 144/148 10 St is a mixed-use building with commercial retail on the ground floor and residential units at 8 storeys high (26m).

  • The Kensington t at 301 - 10 St is another mixed-use commercial building that contains 75 residential units and 2 live/work units on the laneway at 6 storeys (20m).

  • Aurora on the Park is a newer 4 storey (14.8m) apartment building in Sunnyside.

  • Our newer residents are always welcome at HSCA. We hope you get involved with community life and your community association!



Ocgrow is proposing a mixed-use retail/residential on the site of the National Transmission building on the west side of 14 St NW between Kensington Road and 2 Ave NW. The applicant seeks a Land Use Redesignation (rezoning) and amendment to the Hillhurst Sunnyside Area Redevelopment Plan. Requested height: 26m at 8 storeys (ARP max: 20m or 6 storeys) and Floor Area Ratio of 5.0 (ARP max: 4.0 FAR) with a target of 140 condo units.

Residents will need to weight the benefits or challenges of a larger building backing a low-density residential area with the proposed “catalyst” redevelopment of the currently neglected urban corridor. The applicants have proposed an improved streetscape and an on-street parking lane on their front setback to calm traffic and surface parking on the alley for the commercial component.

A Development Permit (plans for the design of the building and surrounding site) has not been submitted yet. Residents will have another opportunity to provide comments to City Planning and to City Council as decision-makers once the Land Use application is submitted – stay tuned to HSCA online or at the applicant’s website at for details.



This is a new Minto Communities condo building that replaces 6 derelict single family homes on the west side of the C-Train tracks. The new building, “Annex” will accommodate 104 units in a 26 metre (9-storey) building.

Website available at
More info at 321-331 9A Street Project on HSCA Community Planning.



The former CBC Memorial Drive building was constructed in the 1960s with its expansion completed in 1970. For many years, CBC has been a neighbour in our community, hosting notable events such as their annual Stampede kick-off breakfast and in years past, the book sale. As of Oct 2017, CBC’s operations have moved to another building at 1000 Veterans Place NW. The building was demolished in November 2018.

Anthem’s redevelopment application proposes 83 (down from 84) townhouse units on the site. Anthem and the community await AB Environment & Parks’ review of the creosote contamination in the area. You can find documentation on the creosote contamination that has migrated from the south side of the Bow River by going to and search for “Canada Creosote”. Going forward, AEP intends to hold yearly open houses to provide information to residents rotating between HSCA and WHCA venues.

As for the “Steel Wave” sculpture? The 1978 work by artist, Roy Leadbeater has been donated and has found a new home in an outdoor sculpture park at the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre in Springbank.

Community vision for the site: CBC_Site_HSCA_Engagement_Report_December_2016
Developer’s website:


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