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Sunalta Planning and Development Committee


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The Sunalta Planning and Development Committee (SPDC) is a standing committee that reports to the SCA Board of Directors. Our committee is volunteer run and is chaired by our Vice President Micheal Jones. Planning Committee bases its response to new proposals in the community using the Sunalta Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP), a statutory document which ultimately guides development in the community. The ARP was drafted in consultation with the community and approved by City Council in 1988; after three years of community engagement, the Part II Transit Oriented Development Area amendment was approved in 2009 with the most recent revision in December 2018.

HSPC’s activities are guided by its Terms of Reference, which was ratified by the Board of Directors in November 2013 and revised in January 2018.


The purpose of the SPDC is to assist the SCA in realizing its vision of building a community that is inclusive, supportive, vibrant, and inclusive. The SPDC Planning Committee uses the Sunalta Area Redevelopment Plan (“ARP”) – which defines and communicates the community context to developers and the community at large – as the general guide as to how it forms its expressions of support, its critical comments and its objections to any particular application. 


The SPDC Planning Committee has no formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters and thus is unable to reject or approve applications but instead plays a valuable role in: providing advice, background information and community context; expressing the aspirations of the Community Association to the City of Calgary (the “City”) and to applicants; and advocating for development that fulfills the vision as described in the Area Redevelopment Plan.

The SPDC represents the interests of the community by carrying out its mandate from the SPDC and its Board of Directors under these terms of reference. The SPDC will endeavour to provide community members with information on developments and advice on navigating the planning process and will endeavour to enable and encourage individual community members to engage in the process directly, regardless of their views. The SPDC, however, cannot always align its views with those of all community members nor is it always possible to champion all community member positions.

As a volunteer-driven committee, the SPDC must chose where to commit the time available. However, due to limited resources, residents should also take a proactive approach using the City’s Planning & Development Map and take note of onsite signage.
Note: the community does not have the option to comment on Contextual Dwelling applications (read details here).

Smaller and localized development applications like renovations, and change of use will be noted. As there are many of these types of applications, the SPDC Planning Committee has determined that it can only offer direction, advice and contact information for the affected residents to use for objections, appeals and followup.


The Federation of Calgary Communities offers free Partners in Planning courses to educate community members and volunteers about the planning process. Courses are held on Saturday mornings throughout the school year. Participants can take as many or as few courses as they would like. Courses range from topics on the Land Use Bylaw, to development appeals to community character, heritage, transportation, and green spaces. Attendees can also ask questions and interact with City of Calgary and Federation planning staff.

Sign up for courses and/or workshops on the Federation’s Website.

Terms of reference for the Sunalta Community Investment Fund - Link to document

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