Sunalta CSW Poster - KN - September 2019

Sunalta's Community Social Worker - City of Calgary

Kellie Nixon

Sunalta’s Community Social Worker is Kellie Nixon. If you have not met her yet, you will be delighted when you do!

A City of Calgary employee, Kellie Nixon, a Community Social Worker for the neighbourhoods of Sunalta and Bankview, is bringing decades of experience to the area. A trained and registered social worker, Kellie has worked with the Student’s Association at Mount Royal University Peer Support Centre, and, more recently, the SHARP Foundation, a group dedicated to supporting Calgarians living with HIV.

Kellie says her passion lies in community development, meaning she is dedicated to making sure the community she works with has the tools, resources, and ability to address issues and create a vibrant neighbourhood. 

“My role is to help Sunalta continue to build a vibrant, inclusive community,” says Kellie. “Everyone is part of a community, so we have to make it safe and inclusive for everyone.”

Kellie has been a case manager in previous roles, and she’s excited to bring that experience to this role. A case manager will help people navigate systems, whether it’s accessing income support, applying for needed resources, or creating a program to help neighbours. 

“Sunalta is a little powerhouse of a community. I’m excited to learn more about it and be a part of the community,” says Kellie. She grew up in Saskatoon but came to Calgary 18 years ago. She has been in a common-law relationship for the past 17 years and has three children, ages 15, nine and three. Kellie takes over from Silvia Ross, who has moved next door to the Beltline community, after 11 years with Sunalta. 

If you have questions, want to talk about an idea you have for Sunalta, or need help, please contact Kellie Nixon at or by calling 403-300-3005.


Kellie Nixon - Photo Credit Hannah LaCra