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We are building a Community Hub to fund and deliver programming for Calgarians. It will be a purpose-built facility that includes a commercial kitchen, coffee shop, and programming spaces. The Hub is a social enterprise, with the income it generates going back into the community – allowing us to continue offering events, programs, and services. 

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Would you like to learn more about the project?

Our imagine SUNALTA Project is part of the Community Hubs Initiative. 


The Initiative has committed $1.25 million over the course of 5 years (2017-2021) in seed funding. This funding was used to carry out the community engagement and create the Existing Physical Resources Report, Gap Analysis and Feasibility Report, Business Plan, Master Plan and Design Scope Report, and Strategic Report. This funding also covers staff vital to program and service delivery, capital campaign planning, and business operations. 

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The Community Hubs Initiative is a three-way partnership between the United Way of Calgary, The City of Calgary, and the Rotary Clubs of Calgary, where 5 Community Hubs are being activated in priority locations across Calgary. Although each Hub is unique to the community it serves, they all share four key features

Learn more about the Community Hubs Initiative here.

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Welcoming and Inclusive Gathering Spaces

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Engaging Residents in the Design and Activation

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Provide Access to Support and Services

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Provide Platforms to Spark Community Economic Development





Ways to Support

We appreciate any size donation! You can donate any denomination through the Calgary Parks Foundation to our Hub Project.

You can also support by purchasing a plaque that will be a part of the bridge build.

Support by Purchasing a Plaque


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