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Toy & Games Lending Library

Current Hours

Monday to Thursday 10:00pm - 4:30pm

Do these hours NOT work for you? Get in touch and we will meet you when it's convenient.

Borrow Toys, Games and Gear at the Lending Library  

Access to the Toy Lending Library requires:

Preview our Toy and Games Inventory here – then come on down and borrow away.

We have over 200 items to borrow. Including STEM games, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, balls, push bikes, skating stabilizers, Nintendo Switch, board games and more!



The Toy Lending Library is intended to be inclusive and accessible for all Sunaltans. Volunteer hours may be logged in order to receive a membership free of charge. If the cost is a barrier and you are unable to volunteer, please email so that we can assist in finding a suitable solution.


Lending Libraries have become multi-dimensional “community hubs” that offer a wide range of products, services and activities. The Sunalta Toy Lending Library is a great way to save money and space, while gaining access to age appropriate educational items, sharing knowledge, reducing environmental impact and building community. How awesome is that?


Sunalta is thrilled to be one of the sites participating in Calgary's Community Hubs Initiative – an incredible partnership between United Way of Calgary and AreaThe City of Calgary, and the Rotary Club of Calgary. Our Toy Lending Library is just one component of this initiative, and is being activated in partnership with committed volunteers and the Sunalta Community Association.


We are so appreciative of the support of our funders!

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