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Sunalta and Calgary Dollars Market 

August 4 11AM - 4:00PM


September 8 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Sunalta Community Hall, 1627 10 AVE SW


Free, open to everyone!

C$ Markets are a low barrier, financially accessible opportunity for small and micro businesses to offer their products and services to the community!


Vendor fees are on a sliding scale depending on % of Calgary Dollars accepted by the vendor, and can only be paid in Calgary Dollars (C$):

  • Vendors accepting 100% C$ pay C$20

  • Vendors accepting 50%-90% C$ pay C$30

  • Vendors accepting 20%-40% C$ pay C$40

Don't have C$ to pay for the vendor fee?


Complete the Calgary Dollars intake survey (for the first time) to earn your first C$15! You can also earn C$5 by posting ads on Calgary Dollars online marketplace! Eligible for the first 5 ads.  

Calgary Dollars Market Poster.png
Vending applications are OPEN 

More information about how to sign up & earn C$ can be found at

Questions? Concerns? Reach out to Calgary Dollars at or 403-270-3200 

Did you know?

Sunalta's Fresh Routes Market accepts Calgary Dollars!
What are Calgary Dollars (C$)?

Calgary Dollars (C$) are a local, complementary, community currency! A tool to build stronger community connections by facilitating and encouraging local consumption. C$ can only be spent within Calgary, and any Calgarian can use them! 

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