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What is the capacity of each room?

Regular Capacity

Main Hall: 59 FT x 30 FT - 1770 SQ FT
138 person capacity for events with alcohol

173 person capacity for events without alcohol

Club Room: 25 FT x 25 FT - ​625 SQ FT

49 person capacity for events with alcohol

61 person capacity for events without alcohol


*if renting both the main hall and club room, the maximum capacity for events:

with alcohol 187

without alcohol 234

How many tables are available?
10 banquet tables @ 5ft x 2.5 ft
3 banquet tables @ 6ft x 2.5 ft
2 small square wooden tables

How many chairs are available?
57 pink chairs
100 wooden chairs


How many bathrooms are available?
4 total  
2 on the club room side  
2 on the main hall side

Is there a sound system?

*At this time our speaker is currently unavailable from rent*

We're happy to tell you we now have a speaker system. It has two speakers on stands with a microphone and bluetooth capabilities. If you're interested in renting this equipment please inquire with

What is available in the kitchen?
There is a full kitchen available, including large appliances and various small appliances and other regular kitchen items. Please request an extensive list for more information.  

Is there parking available?
There is 2 hour free street parking surrounding the building. We have a parking lot attached to the building, however it is ​only available for use after 6PM Mon-Fri and open availability on Sat & Sun​.. We are also conveniently located directly across from the Sunalta C-train station. Or if you are keen we are very accessible by bicycle! A bike lane runs right down 12 Ave and bike lock racks outside the building.

Is there wifi?
Yes we have wifi. The password is provided upon access to the space.

Who does the cleaning?
Most of our renters choose to do the cleaning themselves. However some events (weddings for example) go late and renters prefer to use 3rd party services. We have a cleaning company that can help you organize a cleaner to arrive after your event. This cost is billed directly to you.

Is there a projector/where do I put a projector?
We have a projector screen on the back wall of the main hall! We don’t have a projector itself. We are currently figuring out where you can source a projector rental and how you set it up etc.

Do I need a liquor license?
If you plan on having any liquor at your event then YES, you do need to have a liquor license. Even for private personal events. Please go to ​this link​ for more information and to apply.

Why do you require a damage deposit?
We require a refundable $200 damage deposit for all renting parties. This is to cover any unforeseen damage, mess, or missing items that can occur during a rental. As long as the space is left in the same rentable condition it was found, you will receive a 100% refund.


*Please note we have a volunteer treasurer who issues all cheques, including damage deposit returns. Refunds may take up to 3 weeks to process. Please request to pick up deposit return in person at Sunalta following your event if you prefer, instead of receiving it by mail.

Why do I need insurance for my event? How do I purchase event insurance?
It is the responsibility of the renter to have their own insurance to protect against any possible liability that may occur during their rental. SCA’s insurance only covers our organization in the case of a lawsuit.   If you are having alcohol at your event, you MUST have insurance.

Business or Commercial Renting Group:
If you are a business or a commercial group renting, we will need to see proof of liability insurance at a $2,000,000 minimum and should name Sunalta Community Association as an additional insured to your policy.  

Private or Personal Rental:
If you are hosting a private, personal event it is important to have insurance in case of any liability. Some homeowners insurance covers this, please check with your provider. Or you can purchase a one time event policy through an insurance broker or online at

*Please note if a renter does not carry their own insurance Sunalta Community Association reserves the right to refuse or cancel a booking request.

Is the green space behind the hall available?
There is a green space behind the building that belongs to the City of Calgary Parks Department. Please follow this link for more information.


How do I get access to the building?
We use a lockbox with code access. There are 2 keys in the lock box at all times. You will receive a code to access the building approximately a week prior to your rental date. Please always return both keys at the end of your rental.


How do I use the lock box?
Enter the code provided to you, pull down on the open button. The whole front comes off of the lock box. To close, enter the code again, pull down on the open tab, ensure it is snug, pull down on the “clear”.


Will there be anyone here who works at Sunalta CA?
Sunalta staff are regularly on and off site throughout the week and weekends. If you have a question or inquiry please email or call your direct contact and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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