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Renew Your Membership for the 2023 Year!



Includes 2 adults & all dependant children

Please email with all family members names on the membership


ASSOCIATE $40 | Living outside of Sunalta
Associate Members do not receive Hall Rental Discounts

Associate members are unable to vote at General Meetings or Election, but enjoy all the other rights of membership

Once we receive your payment, we will contact you with confirmation and email you an official electronic membership card. Memberships are good for ONE CALENDAR YEAR so be sure to renew in January to get the most out of yours. By purchasing a membership, you agree to subscribe to our contact list. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

16 Reasons to be a Member of Sunalta Community Association


1.  Free Programs – Sunalta CA works closely with residents to create programs that enhance life in Sunalta and the City at large. Explore a wide range of experiences by exploring our Programs Page.


2. Toy and Game Library – Gain borrowing access to over 200 games and toys. We have games, sports equipment and toys for all ages.


3. Planning and Development – The SCA is working hard at Revitalizing the neighbourhood. We are taking care of our parks, gardens and green spaces. If the neighbourhood is faced with a planning issue, from transportation to zoning, your community association can help protect the interests of the community.


4. Quality of Life and Engagement – Individual opportunities to take part in building a quality life for all. We have opportunities for you to Volunteer in many ways. Share your ideas and help create the place you want to be a part of.


5. Resources – We work with other partners to bring needed resources close to home. Our primary resource partners are Sunrise       Community Resource Link and the, City of Calgary Community Social Work Program


6. Special Events – We encourage fun whenever possible! We invite you to check out Sunalta Live! music events, our famous Annual Stampede Breakfast, Movie in the Park, outdoor gatherings, online learning sessions and more! Members of the SCA have access to many incredible events. All events are either free or have a minimal cost. Be the first to know!


7. News – Stay informed with our Social Media, Instagram, and FaceBook platforms. Membership gives you access to our amazing monthly newsletter. This is where you can keep up to date on all things Sunalta, and have your voice and ideas shared with the community.


8.  Community Gardens – There are three gardens for you to dig in. Join your neighbours – grow something new!

9.  We Love You!


10. Community Economic Development – Although Sunalta does not have a designated BRZ/BIA. We are working hard to promote shopping local and encouraging a thriving local economy. See our business directoryShop Be Local and 4% of the profits go right back into our community. 

11. Discounts at Local Businesses


12. Community Safety – The SCA maintains contact with our City of Calgary Police Community Resource Officer. We work together to ensure our community is safe.


13. Facility Rental - We offer discounts for our facility rentals to Sunalta residents who have an active membership!


14. Activities for Children - Children learn social and leadership skills through community programs, which help them to become stewards and active members of our neighourhood. Have a little one? Join us at the next SunTots play group.


15.  Sunalta is home to many creative, thoughtful, community minded, entrepreneurial individuals. Membership helps you to connect with your neighbours. Let’s build a network of awesomeness!


16. You Tell Us – We are all ears. What would you like to see and make happen in Sunalta? Let’s work together.


Your membership fee supports affordable, local programs that help keep your community healthy and vibrant.

Thanks for pitching in!

The cost of building and maintaining community facilities is considerable. Your membership fees are an important part of supporting your community association.

“Community Associations (CAs) have the unique ability to mobilize, support, and interact with residents to improve neighbourhood life in Calgary. Everyday, they make significant contributions to the health and well-being of your community. CAs exist in every neighbourhood in Calgary – they are non-profit organizations run by your neighbours and other volunteers that connect you, act as a voice for your area, and offer you endless opportunities close to home.” - Federation of Calgary Communities
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