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Sunalta Planning

and Development Committee



The Sunalta Planning and Development Committee (SPDC) is a volunteer-run group that reports to the Sunalta Community Association (SCA) Board of Directors. Our committee is chaired by our Vice President Micheal Jones, and any resident of Sunalta is welcome to join. The role of the SPDC is to respond to all new development proposals in the community, basing its decisions on the Sunalta Area Redevelopment Plan, the Sunalta Terms of Reference, the West Elbow Local Area Plan, and the vision of the SCA.  


The SPDC has no formal jurisdiction or authority in planning matters. We are unable to reject or approve development applications. The SCA represents the interests of the community and connects with the community, the City of Calgary, and development applicants to provide feedback on behalf of the community.  


We encourage residents to make their voices heard. Stay up to date on development applications in the community by visiting City Development Map or keeping an eye out for proposed development signage around the community.  You can also stay up to date by checking out the "Recent Developments" tab on the website. The SPDC, however, cannot always align its views with those of all community members nor is it always possible to champion all community member positions.



What does the SPDC do? It plays a valuable role for the community of Sunalta by: 

  • Providing advice, background information, community context, and feedback on development applications in Sunalta to the SCA board, the City of Calgary, residents, and applicants.  

  • Expressing the aspirations of the SCA in line with the Sunalta Area Redevelopment Plan, West Elbow Local Area Plan, and Sunalta Terms of Reference 

  • Advocating for development that fulfills the visions as described in its guiding documents 

  • Inform the community and its residents of changes in developments in the community   

The purpose of the SPDC is to assist the SCA in realizing its vision of building a community that is inclusive, supportive, and vibrant.

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