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Planning and Developments

  • p&d under it's own tab

Notes from meeting

About the commitee page - 

ARP etc

  • Purpose of the planning and dev - should we add more about the community dev page

    • We are looking to engage and work with developers to serve the community rather than follow the ARP​

  • Mighty Networks - consider in the furture - skip

  • Meetings - blank page for now, haven't needed a reason to shcedule meetings

  • Current Dev applications page - Canibas store opposition, tokyo station is making a patio

  • Get involved - add bullets to existing or 

  • Planning and dev committee holds extra board meetings - inviting folks to meetings once we have 

  • Should we have a seciton for the City of Calgary updates? Divert messages from Jenn

    • New page?  Jenn prefers a separate page for these updates​

  • Will be uploading the applications on a regular basis - appx every 6 weeks

  • Contact - Planning and dev alias 

Create template from HSCA - Jenn first contact for editing copy, then Micheal if needed!

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