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Pub Crawl Punch Card 

 Support Sunalta - The Sunalta Community Association and our Local Businesses 

Pub Crawl How to:  


Plus you get to feel really good about building community.  


Who: Sunalta Community Association , Two House Brewery Co,

Tail Gunner Brewing Co, Best Of Kin  

What: A fundraising initiative  

Where:Sunalta Community Association , Two House Brewery Co,

Tail Gunner Brewing Co, Best Of Kin 

When:June 3rd - August 5th

Why: To raise funds for the Sunalta Community Association

and build community between our awesome craft beer community  


First Prize $400 value - $100 to each business 

Second Prize $200 value - $50 to each business 

Third Prize $200 value - $50 to each business  


How to:  


Step one: Visit any of our 4 Participating Businesses and Purchase a Punch Card:




  • Once purchase is complete – show Participating Business your receipt and they will hand you a physical punch card. 


Step two: Visit each Business and make a $25 purchase 

  • After purchase is complete, show proof of purchase and receive that businesses sticker to fill up that spot of your punch card.  

Step three: Repeat at the 3 additional businesses 


Step four: Complete Skill testing question on card and fill out your information  


Step Five: Return your completed card to the Sunalta Community Association 

  • During Business hours: you can ring the club room doorbell and hand off to a staff member 

  • Outside of business hours: you can place into our mailbox (right Infront of the main hall door) 

Step six: We will announce winners via our social media and winners will be contacted via email for pick up information  

wait for us to contact you via email with pick up information  



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