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Current Development Applications

Arlington Development | The Sentinel - DP2023-05925
Address: intersection of 17 ave and 14 st SW
Multi residential development (3 building), retail and consumer service 
Applicant: Jackson McCormick Design Group

M-C2 Multi-Residential - DP2023-07107
Address: 1634 12 Ave SW
Description: Relaxation - accessory residential building (existing carport) - building setback from side & rear property line
ant: Genesis Geomatics

Dharma Studios - DP2023-07233
Address: 1601 14 ave SW
Description: Temporary use - Home Occupation, Class 2 (massage therapy)
Dharma Studios

EC Living - DP2023-07409 / LOC2023-0334

Address: 1707 12 ave SW

Description: *NEW* Multi-residential Development (4 Buildings), 3-storeys, 48 units, Proposed land-use change 

Applicant: Formed Alliance Architecture Studio

Cannabis Store - DP2023-07438 / LOC2023-0334
Address: 1507 11 Ave SW
Description: Cannabis store
Applicant: Carol McClary Planning Solutions

Tailgunner - LOC2023-0308
Address: 1602 10 Ave SW
Description: Land Use Redesignation - existing temporary structure (patio) to encroach 1.1 metres within the building's required setback area
Applicant: SLVGD Architecture

City of Calgary Development Map

The City of Calgary Development Map was created to enable citizens and community associations to provide comments on planning applications in their communities in a more easily accessible and convenient manner. 

The city can then use these comments to provide applicants with direction on their application. 

The development map:

  • enables you to see development permit application plans/renderings without submitting a service request to Property Research

  • Final Approved plans will be posted to allow you to see how the development changed based on feedback from intersted parties, including citizen comments

  • makes it easy and convenient to participate in the planning process. 

Dev Map w info.png

How to provide feedback on proposed development:  

You can share your thoughts on proposed application directly using the development map. To ensure you comments are considered, they must be: 

  • Submitted in writing through the Development Map OR sent as a letter to the file manager listed in the “contact us” tab on the development application.  

  • Submitted when the commenting period is open. 

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