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ReGenerate Ecological Stewardship Program

Permaculture in the Wildflower Garden Weeding on Wednesdays 


Join your neighbours and experts on gardening at the Sunalta Wildflower Garden. As a volunteer, you will participate in one-on-one interactive sessions spanning the entire growing season with an expert on supporting and sustaining ecological landscapes. The Regenerate Design team will support Sunalta residents in activating and caring for our treasured Wildflower Garden. They will coach us on what to look for when we are stewarding our landscape, how to interpret our observations, and how to constructively intervene. Together, we will confidently approach the stewardship of the Wildflower Garden, giving all of us an empowering experience to comfortably manage it in the future. You could even takeaway some ideas for your own garden!


Sunalta will benefit from this interactive stewardship program in three key ways:

  • It’s like a personalized course on how to manage our Wildflower Garden’s ecological landscape by keeping it healthy, but also maximizing its productivity. We are making a plan that will last for many years.

  • The Wildflower Garden will receive stewardship time and energy from Sunalta volunteer residents (that’s you!), along with the energy and support of experienced ecological design and installation professionals.

  • By having sessions that occur on a regular basis throughout the growing season, together we will make interventions when they count the most, protecting our investment of time and energy, and saving us the effort and expense to rectify issues.


WFG Sign.jpg

We can expect to accomplish the following:

  • Ensuring adequate water application and timing,

  • Identifying the plants in our garden and ensuring their health,

  • Learning about “weeds” and which ones are beneficial and non-beneficial,

  • Identifying and dealing with plant establishment issues,

  • Identifying and rectifying herbivore damage,

  • Diagnosing problems in the landscape and using it to your advantage as much as possible, such as erosion, plant health deficiencies, pests, etc.,

  • Learning strategies and methods for propagating plants, where appropriate,

  • Identifying food forest crops, harvesting times, and techniques, and

  • Learning strategies for guiding the landscape as it grows and changes, and how to use disturbance to your advantage.



Join us at the Wildflower Garden every Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm! 

Drop in anytime. Meet some new neighbours!

Starts April 26th, 2023!

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