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When our fearless leader casually let it slip that she wanted to do a personal donation match - UP TO $1500 we couldn't let it go without a little bit of attention (much to her humble protest) 

It is incredibly inspiring to get to experience a boss who personally cares so much about the work they are doing and we felt it was incredibly important for us to highlight it for those of you who haven't gotten to experience Jenny's passion firsthand.  


She (and we) need your help though, we are so close to raising funds for our coffee kiosk in our new hub building but we aren't quite there yet.


Help Jenny and her family turn $1500 to $3000 and show her that you care about Sunalta just as much as she does. 

For donations from $50-$1500 - Our Fearless Leader will match donations from May 14th - June 14th 
So if you wanted to show your support, now would be a great time to do it to really make your money as impactful as possible. Also, when you donate to the coffee kiosk - you can get a tax receipt. 

How to Donate

Donate Directly to "Sunalta Community Hubs" Through Calgary Parks Foundation at the link below. 

If you have any questions or for further information please email

The Coffee Kiosk Project

The Sunalta Community Association (SCA) has successfully raised $5.012M to date fund the build of the Sunalta Community Hub! It couldn't, however, afford to build the coffee kiosk yet - which is key to the SCA's community impact and social enterprise plan. In the current build, the kiosk will be framed and roughed-in so that when more funding becomes available, the SCA could finish the build.

Did you know? 

The coffee kiosk is a Social Enterprise. This means that the profit it generates will be reinvested back into the community - allowing us to keep offering free programs and services aimed at building community and addressing community-wide concerns of poverty, social isolation, and food insecurity. In addition to revenue generation, the coffee kiosk will create meaningful jobs for residents! 

Pretty cool, right?

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